UH Fest returns in October: here is the full programme

Following its two-decade long path of presenting free music and connecting local and international scenes, the 2022 edition of UH Fest is set to take place across six venues of Budapest between 10th and 16th October. 

The festival's line-up is now full, passes are available.

On the sixth day of UH Fest, Curl Collective's Coby Sey will perform on Trafó House's stage with his live band featuring Ben Vince, Alpha Maid and Momoko Gill. The evening will have Nikolaienko, Ukrainian sound archeologist, founder of Muscut, originally from Kyiv, now based in Tallinn; the premiere of S+, brand new duo of Alley Catss and The Stanley Maneuver, two heroes of Budapest underground (improvised) electronica; and Kee Avil, the avant-pop project of Montréal based Vicky Mettler.

The opening evening of the festival will take place at Dürer Kert to present the premiere of four-drum and electronica performance of Neon Drog Arkestra, a supergroup of the Kripta punk community; the „hardly ever seen” duo of Lucia Udvardyova's Palmovka and Péter Márton's Prell, two outsiders and cornerstones of Eastern European electronics; the live performance of Tears|OV, the cosmic-collage-impro-gothic trio of Lori E Allen, Deborah Wale and Katie Spafford; and Berlin-based sound artist Felisha Ledesma.

Two acts of Bristol's thriving post-dub noise underground will perform on Friday night at Gólya: Ossia from the Young Echo collective, and Avon Terror Corps affiliate Kinlaw & Franco Franco. The night will see the dj sets of Chilean born and Brazil based Valesuchi (also resident of Bristol's Noods) and the local duo EO, a low-tempo collaboration of otherwise bpm-fueled Soupire and Fantastic Mr. Speed.

UH Fest will have a small focus on Kraak Records, and will present five artists connected to the Brussels based experimental label: Bloedneus & de Snuitkever will bring his brand new record Milli Mille on Tuesday; drone-psychedelia act Razen will perform as a trio on Thursday; electronic manipulator mastermind Jürgen De Blonde will perform on Friday as Köhn, his solo project since 1997. But the Kraak focus will also include Finnish DIY-synth-pop act Heta Bilaletdin who returns solo to UH Fest after her performance in 2016 as member of the Olympia Splendid trio; and Mexican sound artist Vica Pacheco with her non-existent electronic folklore from a parallel futuristic past of another planet. 

The festival returns to the French Institute of Budapest as well to present Jérome Noetinger's tape-guitar-electronics duo with Lionel Fernandez, member of Sister Iodine that performed at UH Fest three years ago; Slovenian avantgarde singer and musician (also Borghesia member) Irena Z. Tomažin's duo with multi-instrumentalist composer Frédéric D. Oberland; and Zlatko Baracskai, Serbian-Hungarian modular maestro, living mostly in the UK. 

UH Fest's collaboration and curational work with Shape Platform* and the Creative Europe programme of the EU started in 2015 and continues as part of the SHAPE+ for the next three-year term. Within this frame we present Italian digital-virtual exotica duo Babau; Peruvian-born experimental musician Ale Hop; Vienna-based Italian sound artist Isabella Forciniti, as well as the aforementioned Vica Pacheco, Tomažin & Oberland, Felisha Ledesma and Heta Bilaletdin. The collaboration will go on with residencies and additional artists from the SHAPE+ roster throughout next year.

On Tuesday Mári Mákó and her band will present Oudemian, her debut album of post-club electronics and avantgarde chamber music released last year. The same evening French power trio Officine will perform a hybrid of skeletal noise rock, visceral human voice and no wave free jazz; while Laurie Tompkins and Otto Willberg will play a deliciously out of place improvisation on keys, bass and voice as Yes Indeed.

The five-piece psychedelic hardcore punk outfit Palánta performs on Sunday, as part of our closing event; Noahstas presents live noise material connected to his last record Black Bile released on Exiles; Emcsi manipulates field recordings and creates immersive soundscapes; fr33skid, member of various feminist art and music collectives of Budapest brings a ghettotech-juke-jungle-rap infused dj set on Saturday.

Last but not least: Prison Religion, the duo of Parker „False Prpht” Black and Warren „Poozy” Jones brings its uncomfortable sound of rhytmic noise, tech-punk and hardcore rap; Toni Cutrone aka Mai Mai Mai presents the drone psychedelia of Italian Southern Gothic; Stefan Juster aka Jung An Tagen will perform Phantom Acid, the conceptual album he recorded with Eric Frye; and Danse Musique Rhône-Alpes will play a hypnotic blend of polyrhythmics, abstract electronics, analogue randomness and proto-technoid soundscapes.

Check out the daily schedule at the program section. Individual tickets are available as well as festival passes. See you soon!


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